Attis Care is a platform for care providers; including the elderly, specialist, home care and charities, leveraging our extensive knowledge to navigate the daily challenges of the sector.

We’re able to share insights into staff recruitment and retention, providing valuable knowledge on refurbishments and procurement, and tailoring solutions to address the specific risks associated with care provision. With a keen understanding of regulatory compliance, we ensure that our insurance solutions align seamlessly with CQC standards as well as legal requirements.

Going beyond insurance, we collaborate closely with clients to develop and implement proactive risk mitigation strategies. This approach not only prevents incidents but also elevates the overall safety and quality of care provided.

With a deep understanding of the care sector, we’re able to anticipate emerging risks, offers timely updates on industry trends, and provides strategic advice for informed decision-making. Attis Care aims to extend its impact beyond insurance by offering workshops and training opportunities, empowering clients with knowledge to enhance their risk management practices.