No Cost Due Diligence Review

  • Do you fully understand what you’re insured for?
  • Have you had all of the insurance Policy Warranties and Conditions explained to you?
  • Do you know what you are not covered for?
  • Do you feel comfortable that your balance sheet is fully protected?
  • Does your insurance advisor provide the level of service you require?

If you cannot answer positively, with certainty, on any of these, your business could be exposed to unforeseen risks, resulting in possible severe, long-term financial consequences.

Attis Insurance Brokers Ltd is offering a no cost, no obligation Due Diligence Review of your risk and insurance programme, irrespective of business size and sector. We will undertake a thorough review of your risk and insurance programme to identify any gaps and ensure that the cover is fit for purpose and future-proofed as much as possible for your business moving forward.

While our team has vast collective experience and expertise in insurance broking, the Attis business is a new start-up with the flexibility to offer this service that more established competitors would often charge for.

Approach to Renewal

Once appointed, we look to carry out a comprehensive stress test analysis of your existing risk programme.

Ensuring the programme is fit for purpose, our aim is to refresh and modernise the existing arrangement and where possible, introduce new policy wordings and covers, some of which may not have been offered to you.

Prior to presenting your risk to insurers, we would encourage tripartite meetings. We believe meeting with existing and prospective insurers will drive appetite and deliver a better all-round renewal proposition.

Appoint Transition

Our approach is clear, concise and, above all, seamless. Upon receipt of the official letter of appointment, we will liaise with all existing insurance companies on your behalf, informing them of your decision to appoint ourselves.

Once confirmed, we will request all historic paperwork and policies in order to carry out our due diligence review. This will also include any files relating to past surveys, risk management and historic / outstanding claims.