Attis Care Partners with Grace Cares to Drive Positive Change in the Care Sector

Attis Care, a division of Attis Insurance Brokers recognised for its innovative insurance solutions, is thrilled to announce a strategic collaboration with Grace Cares, a non-profit organisation dedicated to supporting health, social care, and environmental well-being. This partnership marks a significant step forward for Attis Care, not only in terms of community support but also in its unwavering commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles and sustainability.

Attis Care has a long-standing reputation for its integrity-driven approach and unwavering dedication to providing exceptional client service. We understand the crucial role ESG factors and sustainability play in responsible care practices. We have consistently strived to align our operations with these principles, recognising the interconnectedness of business success and the well-being of the communities we serve.

Shared Values with Grace Cares

Grace Cares aligns perfectly with our values, placing a strong emphasis on sustainability and social equity. As a frontrunner in positive change, Grace Cares has been instrumental in fostering a more equitable and sustainable future for the care sector. Our decision to join forces reflects a shared dedication to advancing ESG goals and implementing impactful sustainability initiatives.

By combining Attis Care’s expertise and resources with those of Grace Cares, we aim to make significant progress in addressing pressing social and environmental challenges within the care sector. This collaboration will lead to the development of initiatives that support care providers in evolving their own ESG strategies.

“This partnership exemplifies our firm belief in the power of collaboration to drive positive change,” remarked James Burgan of Attis Care. “At Attis Care, we recognise the importance of integrating ESG considerations into our business strategy, ultimately supporting and empowering our care home customers. Partnering with Grace Cares allows us to amplify our impact and contribute meaningfully to building resilient and sustainable communities.”

Looking Forward: A Collaborative Future

Sharing the enthusiasm, Hannah Montgomery at Grace Cares expressed her excitement about the partnership’s potential. “By joining forces with Attis Care, we are strengthening our collective ability to address challenges within the care sector we are so passionate about. This partnership will allow us to create lasting positive change. We look forward to launching some exciting joint projects later this year – stay tuned!”